Special Events

Every year at Octocon we have a range of Special Events.

Planned so far for Octocon 2017 are:

Octocon’s BookClub




LARP: Dune – Point of Balance







Octocon’s Next Top Monster!








The Golden Blasters Film Festival.








Out of Era Book Launch









Cosplay events including Photobooth.








Steve Jackson Games





The Steven Universe Sing-along!






The Vault of Horror.


Beware, the Vault is back! Be prepared as John Vaughan presents a carefully curated selection of horrifyingly bad films. No genre is spared – and neither is the audience – from the moans and groans which can be heard when the Vault opens.

The Octocon2017 Ball.






Excellent news for all those who like to get down and shake their tails feathers, the excellent DJ who delighted us all at the last two Octocon balls is returning for #Octocon2017.

Yes, she takes requests on the night and ahead of time so she knows what to bring, so let us know what it is you like to strut your stuff too or nod along to, all geeky, scifi and hollow’een tracks included. Let us know email us info@octocon.com.