Nordic Fan Fund Attendee

Nordic Fan Fund

We are delighted to announce that the winner of this years Nordic Fan Fund is joining us this year for Octocon.

Yes Ireland is being invaded… ahem we mean adopted by the Nordic Fan Fund for this year and they are sending us the winner in this year’s NoFF race,is Fia Karlsson!

“Fia’s first convention was EuroCon 2011 in Stockholm, and since then she has stormed through fandom like a tornado, almost single-handedly creating a local fandom in the city of Malmö (where she lives), chaired two conventions, immersed herself in numerous fannish projects, and joined the staff of WorldCon 75 – to mention but a few of her accomplishments.

Fia is extremely popular not only in Swedish but in Nordic fandom, and not only because of the above, but also because she is very outgoing and friendly, and loads of fun to be with.”

Thank you so much to the Admins of the Nordic Fan Fund, we look forward to sharing and learning more about Nordic fandom at #Octocon2017